Monday, 16 September 2013

UPCOMING FALSE FLAG/"MAJOR EVENT" "fix" (sorry, I err'd aka f'd up).


I did mess up big time, sorry, folks.. Actually, I even forgot why, but somehow I had Boston = Strike Zone #4 in my head. But Strike Zone #4 is Iraq. And it was quite a bit of work, too. At first, it might look WTF, but please, just carefully check certain areas and you'll go OOH ('n slightly tilt your head to the right if you must. And don't worry, this time, I quadruplechecked. But IRAQ doesn't like Google that much).

I guess I should've been more careful with that last one, but hey, I'm just a random amateur, And it did
WTF me big time back then.'s the "fix". And then, let's see if we can find out the correct L.A. date, by paying attention to Hollywood in the future. ;/

Full resolution:
(it'll load a while !).

PS: Thus, L.A./Strike Zone 5 is still waiting to be rocked ? To be continued...


Btw & lol, I almost forgot the cherry !

Check out what's just a few minutes away from the scene:


I guess this might explain why 9/15/13 had been bundled with 666 ? ;)
(and yep, I know; actually, it's not funny. But what can an old man do...)


UPDATE / new summary:


Full resolution / download:


  1. [ FYI ]

    This is the previous material:

  2. WWZ:
    Year + "death" = (also) month (in case you wondered

    1.: Year = 4 = Strike Zone 4 in combination with 1st day (Strike Zone 4, duh)
    2.: Death = 5 = Strike Zone 5 in combination with 2nd day (Strike Zone 5, moo)