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Monday, 21 October 2013

A LOL TO CALL IT A DAY: Turkey's first online Islamic sex shop opens ... ALLALALAL-AAAAAH.

NEW WORLD ODOR: Walesa wants new secular 'Ten Commandments'

SCREW YOU GUYS, I'M GOIN' ... TO URUGAY: legal pot for $1 per gram

P2P (PEDO-TO-PEDO) BIZ: Catholics sell church to moslems (UK)

Gays were not created that way

Roots and fruits

The Christian foundations of the rule of law in the West: a legacy of liberty and resistance against tyranny

Argon from RATE site confirms the earth is young

"SORE BITCH": US NAVY & Conspiracy To Commit Bribery - Official Documents

"When the Anglo-Saxon wants a thing he just takes it"

Somalis Smuggled Girl into UK to Harvest Organs

RELIGION OF PEACE: “Our Holy Pilgrimage will be Complete Once We Have Killed You, Ripped Out Your Hearts and Raped Your Women.”

MIT’s ‘Kinect of the future’ can track you through walls

"Harvard creates cyborg flesh that’s half man, half machine"

EXACTLY WHAT WE NEED: cyborg insects

Culture of Death: Belgium Eyes Child Euthanasia

Trippy Tales: The History of 8 Hallucinogens