Tuesday, 6 August 2013


Hey there.

In light of recent events, a whole lotta people - especially US Americans - seem to really either be scared like a lil' baby bunny or even be on the hunt for ZE DOOM.

Either way - it's moronic.

Yes, we are under the control and influence of satanic schitzo sodomites (and it's been like that for thousands of years), but hey, it could be worse. For example, you could be gay.

So follow my example and just call it a day. Turn of the TV, the cell, the PC, whatever.
Grab an ice cold water, ice tea, and/or a popsicle and lean back. 

Listen to some Jack Johnson. Or G. Love, while you're at it. Or check out some panda vidz.
Or read a book (that good old "crazy people's" book would be a good starter, you might have heard of it before, it begins with a capital B...). Or write a book. Or draw something.
Or help someone. Your mom. Your bro or sis. Play with your children. Make a good salad.

Whatever. Just get off that d00m. What happens, happens. Wanna care about shit that hasn't even happened yet ? I'd say that's pretty retarded, don't you think ? 

Like I said - no matter where you're at, just call it a day, night, morning, you name it.

Here are two starters, one to watch & one to listen to while you're at it:


Take care & God bless.



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