Wednesday, 30 January 2013

More info on Batman map ?

Ok, I know how crazy this sounds and personally, I think it's some sort of "lucky coincidence",
but no matter what, it's pretty damn weird - k, here I go:

Just recently I have watched Cars 2.

As the movie starts, you see some longitude and altidude or whatever the english words are:
40° 6.80 N 172° 23.84 W

Google Maps shows:


Then that was that.

After I was visited by one of my oldest friends last nite and after he had said "well, maybe the Sandy Hook shooter had just watched Batman before",
I somehow had that shit in my head again.

So since we all know that the suckers love to play their upside down and mirroring game, I used the same data, but swapped the N and W, so it became
40° 6.80 W 172° 23.84 N

Google Maps shows:


I looked at the good old Batman map and did not directly see something.

So I said ok, if my N had been set from the top to the left (W), I might as well rotate this map clock-wise, in a sense of returning N back up.

I checked the Batman map again and dunno, now regarding the street names, the quantity etc.,
I honestly did find it a bit odd:


Please notice, for example, from bottom to top, the 8th st. up to the 2nd st.
Bot map parts show 'em. And both do not have a 1st.
Additionally, the red Batman circle is oddly close to where the red Google Maps "A" is. Strange.

Ok, so I thought let's check that area. Aside that area's weird street names, I noticed two schools being in that area.
So I googled for news regarding both of these schools and after my first pick was fruitless, I then found this, somewhat regarding the other school: ... ory-bullet ... gun-ban-up ... ies-killer ... down-to-32 ... ullet.html

Please notice what had happened, please notice when exactly it had happened, please read through some of the comments, please just read.

So I said okay, but where exactly had this more than sad incident happened ?
I checked it and Google Maps shows this:


I then "calculated the route" from the first mentioned to this location and got this:


(that blue line is irrelevant, since all it does is showing one of several ways you could use to get from A to B by car...)

Then I took the Batman map and combined everything, marked a little bit for a "better presentation" and this is the final:


Please notice that the murder scene also has the exact same quantity of streets than the batman part (which "lies on the same curve") and that the red Batman circle is pretty much where the green Google B is to be found, which I also circled red.



Well - as I have said from the very beginning, I do think it's some sad, odd, strange, weird, semi-insane sort of a "lucky coincidence".

May God please help all of the victims, especially the family of that poor little child. :(
At some future point, truth and love will certainly win anyways; lie and hate will be eliminated.
Be assured. Rely on it. And personally, I really can't wait.

Take care,

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