Sunday, 12 May 2013

Check your world, human. Now.

Hey there.

Not long ago, one of my very best friends tried to poke me with his black stick, claiming there were "homo hate threads" at my forum. Of course I laughed and I do think that after I explained him 2-3 things, he did realize that I don't hate anybody. And I wouldn't physically want to harm anyone, either. It's not about shit like that at all.

See, for dunno how many ages - maybe even since the beginning of mankind - some absolutely dark forces are trying to fuck up as much shit as they're able to. They are perfectly aware of what they are doing and there's no positive intention whatsoever. Pure evil. 

And you can look into the Sumerian History, check the Egyptian era or the Greek - it doesn't matter. Different names, but always the same fags and whores. Using certain humans for tools.

Sodom & Ghomorrha was wiped off the map, but it was nothing compared to what is being created while I am typing this. In a not too far future, there will be the absolutely worst 3.5 years that ever were or ever will be. This time frame will be so damn fucked up that even the dimension at where Yeshua and his/our homiez reside will - for the first time ever - be silent for about half an hour. So yeah, that must be pretty fucked up shit.

And I guess that right now is the time to advance a bit and to start showing you what is going on in thousands and thousands of cities. Being supported and propagated by our nice Kings and Queens, government funded and advertised. So let's start. With:


Google "Nachtklubszene Berlin". This translates to "night club scene Berlin". The second hit was

This website is the official Berlin site, meaning it's run and under supervision of our government. There, clicking on 


we find the gay side of clubs. 

And to remind you again: This site is government run.

So, let's check out some sites/clubs. 
What do we have here:


Let's check out their photo section:






Okay, this party is boring, so let's move on. Next up:

Good, good. Seems like a bit more action. Fuck yeah ! 
Let's take a look at their programm:

K, k. I think I'm too old for this. And what's wrong with my government, btw, suggesting this ? Let's try another place:

Cool ! Check this out: All Students and youngsters get in free until 2AM. 
Not bad, huh ? Nice.

But I'm directly moving on, since I've just received some info about

Check it out, y'all, that's where it's at:

Damn, I sure like that last pic. What's with those outfits ? Where do I get those from ? Let's see...found one:


Actually I remember them from one of the fliers that a friend recently gave me. They (and hundreds more) are handed out for free on Berlin's streets.
Lemme put that flyer onto my scanner right quick, so I can show you their ad:
And since that flyer is already there, lemme scan some more nice stuff:




Sorry, but I'm starting to almost get a bit angry and I don't like and want to highly avoid becoming angry, 'cause it's stupid, so I'll stop with the pics for now.

What I'm trying to say is that what I've just shown you is like zero point some percent of what's going on in thousands and thousands of cities. And this is "just the official part". Our Kings and Queens and other rich people are doing way worse behind closed doors. Every day - EVERY DAY - thousands - THOUSANDS of children "go missing". Wanna know why ? Well, I'm still very far from being comfortable about whether to provide you with such fucked up material, so maybe for now, you wanna research that by yourself. Think in Saville-terms. And then some. And then A LOT WORSE.

See, this fucking shit is all around you, even in small cities by now, but I bet that many of you didn't realize how far this fucking shit has already spread.

This is what's coming to your neighborhood. Naw, this is what's coming to everybody's neighborhood. This is the plan. Just like in good old times, Sodom & Gomorrha, Caligula, I'm sure that you heard about those nice events. Generations are being conditioned and every subsequent generation is one step worse. The kids of our presence are the society and the backbone of our future. Now have you looked at our youth lately ? Everything's cool, yes ? Nope. Everything is not cool. Everything is not okay.

Unfortunately, the train of doom has already left the station a long, long time ago. "We" can't "win" against those fags and whores. This is the part where Yeshua comes in later on. Until then, all "we" can do is to let people know what's up. Certainly, most of those people will laugh or not listen or label you as a "hate speech-homophobe" or something, but that's irrelevant. Save only one human and it'll be awesome. And certainly "worth it". What's worth more than a fellow human being's soul ? That's right. Nothing is.

And trust me - I am trying to do whatever I can to expose, rebuke and fight those disgusting atrocities. For as long as I live, I am definitely not looking away. I don't "tolerate". Never !

Please take your time and carefully think about this. Do your homework and find out for yourself. Find out who is behind such shit. And why. And keep
the absolutely worst 3.5 years that ever were or ever will be in mind. It'll be worse than the above, trust me. Unbelievably worse. This is not a game.

Anyways, I'm a father and I don't tolerate anything that's a threat to my children. And not only that. A threat to all human beings. World wide. 
How about you ?
Are you a coward ?
I hope not.

To be continued.

Take care and have a nice sunday,


  1. fucking awesome.....i scrolled quickly through the pix(ewwww...) but the writing is top notch !Excelente!

    1. Thanks, brother, highly appreciated.

      Take care & best wishes to you and your family.

  2. welll brother u r one of very few ppl who can see the truth. the majority of the sheep r kept busy with shit like this, work tv and all the other time killing stuff. the elite keep making toys and fun stuff for us, so that we become blind for truth and their evil deeds. may god save all of us

    1. Well said, my friend.
      And that's why I'm doing what I am doing - we've got to open as many eyes as we can.

  3. Hurry up Lord....I pray. My son was sexually abused 25 years ago ....I was naive....WELL NO MORE...I don't which hell on anyone but if they keep doing this they get what they ask for. Come Lord FAST. PLEASE.

    1. I am very sorry for having to read that.

      So you were naive - and don't forget, you are a human being.
      And human beings do make mistakes, since we so often just don't know it better.

      But some of us want to learn and are constantly being helped, too.
      Like you and me, otherwise you wouldn't have sent that comment to begin with and I wouldn't be typing this now. And before that, you wouldn't even have had an article to comment to.
      And before... - you get the picture.

      So while I wish you, your son and your family all the best, I can already assure you:
      It'll all be over with at some future point.
      Until then, KNOW that everything will be okay, just as Yeshua has promised us.

      As for myself, I also don't wish hell on anyone, but they will keep on doing this and they will get what they have asked for.
      It is up to people like us to try our best in order to open as many eyes as we can.

      Back to being a human: Those fags and whores and even those murderers are humans, too.
      Thus, we should also put in a good for all of them, hoping that one day they might realize it, too.

      I, too, wish for Yeshua to come asap (if I could choose: Next second, please !), but we will have to wait and while waiting, help as much and as many as we can. It is our duty.

      Stay strong and rejoice in the Good News:

      Revelation 21:4

      And he shall wipe away every tear from their eyes, and from now on there shall not be death, neither grieving, nor clamor, neither shall there be disease again, for His sake.

      Best wishes from Germany,